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Welcome is the FREE National Sex Offender database site on the web that searches all states, the District of Columbia, and hundreds of Indian Tribes with one-click.

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A last name is all that is required to search the National Sex Offender database. Refine of narrow your search by adding a first or first & middle name. Don't let your children go to school without checking out the staff and check out that new neighbor at Its all FREE and brought to you by -- tell a friend!

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Select a zip search choice, enter a zip code, and click search. will search the National Sex Offender database for offenders registered in this zip code. Zip code search is a very powerful tool because many sex offenders now move away from the state where they were convicted. The offender will register their new address in the conviction state but many states don't require out-of-state offenders to register locally. is powered by For the most comprehensive National Criminal Index available for pennies per search, visit © Copyright 2002-2021
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